Hi I’m Ruby I’m 11 and I am Australian. My teacher is Miss McCarthy and I am in 6M.

My favourite subject is Art because you get to be creative and make stuff in many different ways.

What’s your favorite subject?

When I get bored of my iPad I like to draw and ride my bike.

What do you like to do when you’re bored?

My Hobbies are drawing, singing and cycling.

What are your hobbies?

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Goodbye Primary School hello High School

It has been a absolutely amazing in year 6M. It has been fun at Werribee Primary School but unfortunately good things have to come to an end. I wish everyone good luck with the next chapter of Our Lives and hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year. Goodbye -ruby

He Who Took The Poppy

He Who Took The Poppy

It’s silent as I sway in the wind, my red petals glowing from the suns ray shining down on me. Unfortunately there’s a war about to start, the problem is by the time the war ends, I might be meters away from where I was standing because of the bullets hitting the ground. Before I know it, BOOM! There’s a gun shot and another and soon they’re all firing. The sky darkens from the smoke of the guns, suddenly there’s a big thud in the ground, what could it be? A bullet has hit the soil. All at once a soldier is stumbling to the patch of poppies. Blood is oozing from his leg and horror Shone upon his face. He looked towards the patch of poppies, his face lit up, he gave a smile and plucked me and put me in his pocket.


We will remember them 11.11.11

my last journey to school

My last journey to school

Water rushes past us as I put the tyre ring on the water’s surface. I kneel on the tyre ring with three other class mates. I fear floating in the wrong direction from school. My feet run along the water’s surface. My facial expression cannot be explained, I have so many emotions running through my head anxious, terrified, thrilled and many more. It’s been about 1 hour and we’re almost at school. We hit a branch in the middle of the rushing, we spin to the left of the river immediately my hart drops. We spin toward the water’s edge. In front of us is a big drop. Before I know it I am falling I scream for help but there’s no turning back, no one to help this is the end, the end of my life, this is my last journey to school.


By: Rubychildren-going-to-school-around-the-world-42

A quote i love!



This quote is to remind you that no matter what happens in life you should always get up and keep on going.

High dive snapshot

High dive

I stand on the edge of the diving board, the judges and the crowd all stare at me. I take a deep breath and get ready to jump, the nerves are getting to me. I say to myself “you can do it you can do it” as I jump off in fear. As I finished with a flip ‘ I hope I do well” I mumble to myself as I swim to the edge of the pool to see 10 10 and 01 wait 01? Suddenly the judge flips the sing around to reveal a 10. I laugh to myself as I make my way to the podium in number 1 position. I am glad to bring home Gold for Australia.

Tom Gates Top of the calss … Nearly Book review




I love! this book because it’s hilarious and a grate intertaining book to read. This book is about a boy named Tom Gates and his running for school council. He wants to win school council but he needs to up his grades, stay awake in class, stop darwinf hilarious picturs of his teacher and avoid the calss bully to say out of trouble.

I would reccomend this to people who love to read hilarious and intertaining books.